This year I’ll try to participate in GSoC

Two years ago I tried it too, sent 6 submissions to the Mono Project and another one for JMARs project. Unfortunately I was not chosen. Last year didn’t submit because thought that probably would happen the same, however  two work parters and good friends were chosen in two GSoC Projects: Marcos Cobeña at The Mono Project and Christian López at ArgoUML.

In the short GSoC history four University of Seville’s students have participated in GSoC with nice results. Many partners as Rafael Vargas, Christian López and David Ventura will try again this year and hope that everyone of them have enough luck for show their value to the community.

This is my last year of studies so it is my last opportunity. I’ll wish submit on IA, 3D-programming and The Mono Project
My favorite mentors organizations are:

Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence:
Crystal Space:
The Mono Project:

Of course one of my targets is find a project where follow contributing and helping the community after GSoC.Good luck and have fun!

3 Responses to This year I’ll try to participate in GSoC

  1. Rafa Vargas says:

    Let’s rock GSoC!

    P.S: Maybe my laptop screen, but I don’t like your WordPress theme at all…

  2. Hello dude,

    I wish you all the best. Mono, for instance, would grow (yes, even more) with someone like you.

    Cheers, good luck,


  3. Brero says:

    Congratulations, Pablo.


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