Is the world overpopulated?

A world where the 20% of the population consumes the 70% of the natural resources? A world where developed societies growth and prosperity is measured by how much they consume? A world where sustainable science and technologies are inhibited by business interests? Is the world overpopulated? No man no… the world is overpopulated by dishonesty.

Panem et circenses for these blind eyes.

2 Responses to Is the world overpopulated?

  1. ckhronos says:

    Ey Pablo,

    Im totally agree with you in “the world is overpopulated by dishonesty”, but what does Panem et ciercenses mean?

  2. Pablo says:

    It’s a latin expression that means “bread and circuses” and “pan y circo” in Spanish:

    I wanted to express the fact that people live their lives without thinking about these problems because they are too distracted with their activities, mainly: consumerism, go shopping, TV, Games, etc… And all this blindness is fostered by a set of people on the peak of the social and economic pyramid.


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