Euphoria: amazing engine for natural movement simulation in a 3D World

Absolutely impressive results. That company has achieved a very realistic results simulating (on the fly) humans natural movements in any situation. Video games animation designers won’t have to create each character’s animation at design time (at least not all), from now on they will be able to enable the “automatic control” of the character thanks to Euphoria enginee. A very cool merge of artificial intelligence technicals and physics engine.

Take a look:

The oficial website of euphoria is:

Video games industry is much more that leisure time, it is being one of the most important way for advance in some computer science area. As time goes less things surprise me in the computer science world, but this is one of them.

Sooner or later other industries like robotics will use these technical and theoretical advances from the video games industry. Since that robotics and automatic control is one of my main interests I will follow them nearly.

Take another look to this robotic video.
Have fun.


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